Welcome to eHomemakers' ECHO (DWMA), an application that enables organization to effectively organize beneficiaries, volunteers, and affiliates through email, SMS with a reporting platform.

ECHO (DWMA) is not just an ICT platform, it has been built with a people-centered concept. It is built to serve, help, promote, assist, and enhance others' missions. ECHO (DWMA) is part of an eco-system of people, non-profits, and communities.

If you are interested to find out more about the application, please email or call 03-77319896.

Help NGOs to increase efficiency so that they can achieve their social missions faster, better with less funds!
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eHomemakers has won two international award grants for 2014:
The Internet Society (ISOC) sponsored the project, "Extending ECHO to 10 Malaysian NGOs"

ISIF Asia, the Information Society Innovation Fund, has given one of 11 award grants to eHomemakers to implement the project, " Extending ECHO to Homenet Indonesia. eHomemakers, Malaysia, Indonesia."