ECHO is…

…formerly known as Distributed Work Management Application (DWMA)

… an integrated cloud-based collaborative work management system. It enables the user to efficiently coordinate people in diverse locations for group-level activities. It is a tool for group organizing, bulk sourcing, bulk distributing and information collating.

You can use ECHO for group purchases and downline distribution, marketing of goods or services, soliciting orders and instant approvals, consumer research, organize meetings, mobilize members or volunteers, notify events and reach your targets anywhere anytime.


The system components consist of:

Message Manager
       To manage or schedule incoming and outgoing messages via SMS
Multilingual Texting
       3-language texting (English, BM, Chinese)
Contacts Manager
       To manage contacts categories with dedicated credits
Search & Print Function
       To search or print address book, task list and messages
Reports & Logs
       Incoming / outgoing messages, tasks and incorrect replies
Export & Archive Function
       To export address book and activities to CSV file. Manage (restore / delete) archived items

How ECHO came to be ......

Corpcom Services Sdn Bhd (eHomemakers) is a social enterprise, with a social missive to empower disadvantaged women. CSSB set about in 2002 to innovate an integrated ICT solution to organize work for urban poor in diverse locations. As one of the winners of 7 Pan Asia 2003 R&D Small Grant Award, CSSB built the pre-prototype low-cost application, person-to-person empowerment tool – ECHO, for the urban poor, predominantly the home-based and disadvantaged women.

ECHO has since been developed further with the Cradle grant and along the way garnered other recognitions notably Winner of the Ericsson Malaysia Corporate Responsibility Innovation Award (2008), runner-up at the Gender and ICT Award – World Summit of the Information Society in Tunisia (2005) and the Social Enterprise Award from MCA ICT Resource Center (MIRC)(2009).

In its enhanced state,ECHO is not solely reserved for the Non Profit Organizations but is also a useful tool for small and medium enterprises or businesses requiring a low cost work management system that promotes high productivity.

How do you use ECHO for your operations?
  • Invitation to members and confirmations for upcoming events, meetings, trainings/seminars
  • Consolidation of sales items from marketing networks
  • Group sourcing of raw materials
  • Bulk marketing of goods/services produced by beneficiaries/members
  • Organizing production chains
  • Organizing meetings with people who are on the go
  • Mobilizing volunteers for activity placements
  • Conducting surveys on groups and target segments
  • Employing SMS as mini-test medium for e-learning activities
  • Quick instant replies from recipients
  • Etc.

Some ideas for enterprises on usage…
Restaurants / eateries – dining promo, festive events
  • Invitation to patrons on new menu, tasting event or promotional activities and confirm final number of seatings
  • Medical Practitioner (dentists, specialists, GP)
  • Alerting patients on appointments and collating reverts to secure appointments
  • Invitations to customers and confirmation of attendance for health events, e.g. health talks, blood donation drive, etc
  • Service providers e.g. training, event organizers
  • Invitations and confirmations for seminars, talks, conference or event and collate reverts on attendees
  • Automobile – vehicle service, breakdown alerts
  • Organizing members and customers on promotional activities, launches and events
  • Real estate – property launches, viewing
  • Organizing members and customers on launches, viewing and events

  • Some ideas for Non Profit Organizations/Non Government Organizations on usage…
    Schools / Student Bodies
  • Managing students for upcoming events, seminars, internships and job placements within minutes
  • Inviting busy parents to school events and confirming attendance directly
  • Managing disciplinary problems and truancy
  • Alerting parents about students’ academic performances directly without going through the students
  • Directly involving grandparents and other family members in activities and students’ overall welfare (when parents are too busy)
  • Extending outreach to public, parents, authorities and the communities near by the school in the case of kidnapping and missing students by sending students’ pictures
  • Soliciting donations and cash-in-kind for events
  • Managing parents and members of the public who volunteer for various activities
  • Enabling teachers who oversee extra-curricular activities to obtain instant permissions from parents
  • Enabling teachers charged with various responsibility for student welfare and extra-activities to manage meeting and practices during school holidays
  • Enabling teachers to give quick tests to determine if students understand key concepts in lessons
  • NGO / Non Profit Organizations – Clubs, Associations, Councils, Community Centers, Churches, Temples, Mosques, Networks, e-Communities
  • Locating volunteer replacements quickly when there is last minute pull-out
  • Organizing members, volunteers and beneficiaries on upcoming activities
  • Mobilizing volunteers for regular and sporadic activities
  • Enabling branch presidents, committee chairpersons, leaders of subgroups and managers of departments in the organization to manage volunteers and beneficiaries on their own
  • Soliciting sponsors/supports for upcoming fund-raising events easily
  • Organizing members and beneficiaries for group purchase or group exchange
  • Enabling busy volunteer leaders and overloaded staff to multi-task effectively
  • Maximizing precious time with instant summaries and printed name lists for cash collection and registration

  • Below are some of the key features of our application:
    • Address Book with categories
    • Send at once
    • Send by schedule
    • Save message for later editing before sending
    • Recurring scheduled send
    • Use previous message as template
    • Contact count when creating message
    • Character and SMS count when creating message
    • Automatic message prefix
    • Message history
    • Receive replies
    • Automatic reply word recognition and sum
    • Automatic spelling recommendation and correction
    • Multi-level Message/Task grouping
    • List sorting and filtering
    • List export to Excel
    • List printing (formatted for printing)
    • User access right control
    • Detailed per message reporting
    • FAQ
    • Import contacts to address book
    • User access log
    • Database backup and restore

    Watch the videos on how the NGOs use ECHO.

    Click here for project overview.

    ECHO: Improving Organizational Communications in Indonesia with Automated SMS and Email

    ISIF Asia Ambassador’s new ICT success

    For more information, please email teleworking@ehomemakers.net or call 03-77319896.