FAQ for Non-Profit Organizations

1) Who are NGO/Non Profit Organizations?
These entities include non-governmental organizations (NGO) and not-for-profit organizations which comprises of charities, service organization, a trust, a cooperative, association, society, club, foundation, community centers, councils, etc. NGO/NPOs may be required to provide necessary documentation on NGO/ NPO status to qualify.

2) What is this NPO Package offer about?
eHomemakers has obtained a CSR package from DIGI in the form of free SMS/month, any Non Profit Organizations signing up for a SMS Package, the number of credits allocated will be discretionary based on the organization's membership size.

All NPO Packages has been structured to help transition the NPO’s usage from traditional communication methods to engaging NPO’s communities through a new medium of communication i.e. ECHO. ECHO guarantees an efficient and fast way to organize your communities circles i.e. members, volunteers, employees, resources and beneficiaries.

3) What are NPOs to sign up for and how long?
Each NPO will be allocated SMS Package offer according to their needs (an Annex will be attached to the agreement). The agreement gives opportunity for the NPO to withdraw from the agreement if written notice is given at no other obligation as it is a CSR effort from DIGI to eHomemakers which channel the CSR to the NGOs.

4) What is the NPO’s commitment?
A certain amount of free SMS are provided monthly, and a minimum registration fee and extra credits required will be charged accordingly. Each NPO is also eligible to participate in DiGi’s DG50 Plan, a Mobile subscription plan catered specifically for the NPOs.

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