Benefits Using ECHO

  • Save up to 98% of total admin staff costs
  • Send bulk SMS or email to databases
  • Lowest 2-way SMS market rate
  • Powerful tool to plan and organize events
  • No hardware investment or software license to purchase
  • Auto-summarize replies with reports

Why use Mobile Communication?

It is common knowledge that people take their mobile phones with them wherever they go and keep it switched on all the time. They have come to rely on their mobile phones as an essential communications tool. More people can be reached via SMS, than internet, fax or email.

SMS text messaging is the number 1 use of mobile devices due to the ease and immediate nature of sending and receiving text messages. It has instant effect, wide reach, versatility and is a great way for organizations, NPOs and businesses alike, to connect with their target audience (i.e. customers, members, beneficiaries, volunteers) on smaller budgets. (Study by Deloitte - April 2011)

90% of text messages received are opened and read within 3 minutes of receipt with 99% being read in time – making SMS text messaging a low cost reach option for anyone!

Our mobile application, ECHO can be adopted as the organization’s preferred communication method to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, members and personnel. As a communication medium, SMS is the most cost effective way and direct way to communicate to any mobile audience.

Corpcom’s (eHomemakers) ECHO offers SMS packages structured for both NPO and Enterprises with simple-to-use and functional features designed specifically for small office set-up or for lean operations. ECHO comes with 3 pertinent functions all on one platform i.e. Reach, Revert and Reporting – making it a cost-efficient management tool.

ECHO: Improving Organizational Communications in Indonesia with Automated SMS and Email

ISIF Asia Ambassador’s new ICT success

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